Stupid Spam 6 ?>

Stupid Spam 6

Well THIS is a first. What I have here a Nigerian Prince Scam, but this one is kind of unique. Instead of “give money to get more money” this one claims I have been scammed and I need contact them to get my money. Addresses and emails have been removed. The thing is the email was named “test” and looked like a cable TV address. Attn: My Dear, I am Mrs A Brinnen, I am a Swedish, 51 years Old….

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Stupid Spam V ?>

Stupid Spam V

I have 2 spam emails to share that tickled me. The first is a typical Nigerian Prince Scam one, but this one is pretty unique. It purports to be from the Department of Homeland security. I’m Mr Jeh Johnson, the secretary of U.S department of homeland security, this is to inform you that your abandoned long-lost cheque confirming to be your worth of $7.5 usd is recovered in Benin, so kindly reconfirm your full details info. contact presidency officer who…

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ODN Only One Immortal ?>

ODN Only One Immortal

I’ve been redrawing one of the very first fonts I ever tried to make back in 2000. This was back when Highlander: The Series was still a thing. I didn’t touch this for a VERY long time, to the point I can’t even open the CorelDraw files they’re so old. I took a break from some of the other ones I’ve been re-doing in Illustrator to revisit this one for a while. This go around I actually have been making…

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Musings on Font Stuff ?>

Musings on Font Stuff

Rotate or Skew? Skew or Rotate? I found myself pondering this when redrawing characters using Illustrator. I started all this back around 2000 using CorelDraw 5, some characters with angles just never looked right. They were always too thick with rotation or too thin with skewing. Well I finally hit upon the solution, split the difference between rotated and skewed versions. Doing that made them look spot on! Great…I have just doubled the work on a lot of characters.

ODN Icons – Open Broadcaster Software ?>

ODN Icons – Open Broadcaster Software

This one has been sitting on my hard drive for a little while. I might as well toss it up here as well. This is another case of me hating when icons don’t have modern resolutions. In this case OBS is the culprit. The nice thing about this one is that it’s all vectors from CDR, AI, and PSD so I never have to worry about it being obsoleted. 😀 Tools Used Design: CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop ICO & ICNS icons: Axialis IconWorkshop…

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ODN Icons – FTL: Faster Than Light ?>

ODN Icons – FTL: Faster Than Light

Finally something new to upload! It always bothers me when icons are sized like they’re for Windows 95. I took the 2 main icons from FTL and made gigantic versions of them. It took a LOT longer than I had hoped because I used Filter Forge for the planets and rendering them at 5120px x 5120px takes several hours. I tried even bigger sizes but it kept locking up. GameIcon is the icon Steam uses for shortcuts & EXEIcon is…

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2014 In Retrospect ?>

2014 In Retrospect

Nyo, all you wonderful people out there casually stop by this dusty old site. I want to ramble about myself today. For me 2014 was a weird year. I had a lot of health problems, which thankfully turned out not to be major. Though it did affect my state of mind and my work. What was going on was I was getting swelling in my legs and sores that wouldn’t heal, along with my heart randomly skipping beats for a…

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