Time For More Firefox Bitching

I’ve narrowed down all the memory and crash problems I’ve been having to one single thing; plugin-container.exe. I changed the config to make Firefox NOT use it and so far I’ve seen a great improvement in performance & stability. There is one major downside to doing this… If for any reason Flash decides to crap […]

It’s Like Firefox But…

Alright Firefox, you win. You bloated fat sack of shit, I give in and am crawling back to you. Here’s why. Mainly PLUGINS. Chrome’s plugins suffer severely from the “It’s like the Firefox plugin but…” syndrome. Most of them seemed to be severely impaired versions of their Firefox counterparts. For example AdBlock Plus. In Firefox […]

Goodbye Firefox

At one time before Firefox was out, I was staunchly opposed to switching from my beloved IE6 to the Mozilla browser. It wasn’t until Firefox 2 (and some nudging by SkullDaisyGimp) came out that I decided to make the switch, and at the time I was happy with Firefox and its plugins. Then Firefox 3 […]

I’m Back!

Finally after breaking my kneecap, multiple remodeling delays, family emergencies, numerous internet problems, and other general crap… I am finally getting set back up behind the double HD monitors. There still some minor touchup work to do in the remodel, but everything is pretty much is being put in it’s final place (until I get […]

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