Windows 8 Logo

So the new Windows logo has been announced and been done by Pentragram, and naturally there is a really mixed reaction to it.

It’s really plain, monochromatic, and generally not Windows feeling. I get what they were going for but I personally feel the new design needs the splash of color like every logo from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7 has had.



So it’s obvious that some would want to design the logo with their own touch, and there are others that fall in the camp of “it’s good BUT it could be better”.

Well 99Designs deiced to put folks creative juices to work and made a contest!

I’ve only browsed a few pages of the entries so far and they range from ‘ridiculously horrible’ to ‘you do know what a WINDOW is right?’ to ‘pretty damn slick’ to ‘the same but different

There’s one that I really liked, by Urohe on there. It takes the Pentagram’s idea, mixes in the classic Windows 1.0 window panes, and then throws a bit of the familiar RGBY colored window panes.

There of course are a number of “parody” logos that poke fun at Microsoft, and almost all of them are really shitty MSPaint jobs. The ones I don’t get are the ones that omit the window icon altogether or try to make something HUGE using the 8. In fact there are a LOT of the “let’s forget about the Windows part and solely focus on the 8” which look great other than it’s WINDOWS 8 and not 8-Something Else. There are also a fair share of “Let’s make windows ROUND or some other shape!” logos, including butterflies (let’s leave that to MSN mmkay?), boats, dragonflies, hearts, lines, dots, rings, spheres, triangles, abstract shapes, arrows, blocks, flags (missed the point Pentagram was making in the first place), pie wedges, and folders (I get the reasoning but it’s still not a window) WHAT THE HELL, MAN? I can understand rounded rectangles to a degree but to completely ignore the history of the logo or even what a WINDOW IS?

So from a design aspect, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be wowed, and you’ll be confused. It’s a contest and it’s just for fun. So there’s bound to be some really awful designs there amongst the good ones. I almost forgot that half way through this writing. But then again I am looking at them from purely a design aspect.