Angry Neko?

There a site that parses the text on your blog to make an estimate of who you are and the style you write in. It’s called URL AI.

Well it got right off that I’m a guy between 26 & 35 (I’m 33), but it said that my writing style is angry and personal. I had to laugh because I can see where it gets that idea. Hell, I have a lot of posts bitching about Firefox on here.

Well I come with great news to offset that today. I’m closing on a house and will be moving in the coming weeks. It a pretty big deal for me because I’ve always lived with my folks. I finally felt I’m in a good position to go it on my own.

I’m also going to make this an opportunity to try and get my life back on track. That means internet & computering will be a lot lower of a priority. Also I want to my health back on track, which should help a good deal with a lot of the creativity problems I’ve had the past years. I plan to manage my time, for once actually.

So if it seems I’m not around as much or as long, this will be the reason.

Until next time, stay happy!
That way a web site can’t tell you you’re angry most of the time. 😉

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