2014 In Retrospect

Nyo, all you wonderful people out there casually stop by this dusty old site.

I want to ramble about myself today. For me 2014 was a weird year.

I had a lot of health problems, which thankfully turned out not to be major. Though it did affect my state of mind and my work. What was going on was I was getting swelling in my legs and sores that wouldn’t heal, along with my heart randomly skipping beats for a few days then being normal for several weeks later. The fear was I had developed diabeetus or a heart condition. But after a round of tests, both possibilities were ruled out along with a check of my leg veins which also came up clear. Basically I was told I’m fine except for being too fat and something I’m doing or eating is causing inflammation in my system.

I also had a lot of issues with my computer since I had to rebuild it from scratch back at Thanksgiving 2013. I’ve had hard drives fail on me, got a virus, and had problems getting the rest of my data off of my old Windows 7 system drive, and my initial install of Windows 8.1 was buggy and left my system unstable. Though a new install on a new drive seems to have solved that.

I’ve been in a funk and really haven’t done all that much over the past year. Stuff I had been working on I would tinker with but not make really any progress on. Only one of the fonts I started is remotely near completion even after starting it over from scratch (for like the 8th time now) and that’s ODN Bacterion Alpha, the Gradius 3 inspired pixel font.

Hopefully 2015 will see an improvement. But it’s starting off on a sour note, been fighting off a cold/flu since Christmas. Yay! *sarcasm As for being fat, I really have let myself go, like 400lbs worth. I’ve been EXTREMELY lucky I haven’t had more serious problems yet. I’m going to try and keep things updated here as to how I’m doing on that front as well as more updates on my hobbies. I’m not sure if that will extend to Infinite Unreality or Black Blade, I still have no SOLID idea what I want to do with them yet.

Well I’m going to close out this post since it’s getting over 400 words already, and I want to take some cold medicine and lie down for a little bit. 😛

Until next time!
~Paul D.