ODN Icons – FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light
ODN Icons – FTL: Faster Than Light

Finally something new to upload!

It always bothers me when icons are sized like they’re for Windows 95. I took the 2 main icons from FTL and made gigantic versions of them. It took a LOT longer than I had hoped because I used Filter Forge for the planets and rendering them at 5120px x 5120px takes several hours. I tried even bigger sizes but it kept locking up.

GameIcon is the icon Steam uses for shortcuts & EXEIcon is the one the game window displays.

Tools Used
Design: Photoshop w/ Filter Forge & AlienSkin EyeCandy
ICO & ICNS icons: Axialis IconWorkshop
PNG icons: Compressed with PngOptimizer