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Only One Immortal Preview 1
Only One Immortal Preview 1

I’ve been redrawing one of the very first fonts I ever tried to make back in 2000. This was back when Highlander: The Series was still a thing. I didn’t touch this for a VERY long time, to the point I can’t even open the CorelDraw files they’re so old.

I took a break from some of the other ones I’ve been re-doing in Illustrator to revisit this one for a while. This go around I actually have been making lowercase letters when I can be possessed. So far I think this has turned out very well. Obviously it will get tweaks, but at this point they will be mostly minor.

A little background: This is inspired by the logo of Highlander: The Series and I thought I would give it a try and make an entire font based on it. I enjoyed the show while it was in syndication.

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