Stupid Spam V

I have 2 spam emails to share that tickled me. The first is a typical Nigerian Prince Scam one, but this one is pretty unique. It purports to be from the Department of Homeland security.

I’m Mr Jeh Johnson, the secretary of U.S department of homeland security, this is to inform you that your abandoned long-lost cheque confirming to be your worth of $7.5 usd is recovered in Benin, so kindly reconfirm your full details info. contact presidency officer who is in charge of release it to me

So I am apparently entitled to a whopping SEVEN DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS! WOOO! There are 2 emails associated, one looks like it is a cable TV account and the other is a Lycos account. Hmm. Not-suspicious-at-all. No siree!

The second is not long enough to post, but it says I have an “Offline Video Message Buttering”. Oh good, I love buttered video messages! 😛