It’s Like Firefox But…

Alright Firefox, you win. You bloated fat sack of shit, I give in and am crawling back to you.

Here’s why. Mainly PLUGINS. Chrome’s plugins suffer severely from the “It’s like the Firefox plugin but…” syndrome. Most of them seemed to be severely impaired versions of their Firefox counterparts. For example AdBlock Plus. In Firefox ABP allows you to search for specific elements in the site’s HTML to block. In Chrome, you click boxes and HOPE one is the one that has the offending code.

Really about the only thing I tried that didn’t suffer from this was TweetDeck for Chrome, and that’s only because there IS NO TweetDeck for Firefox.

So here I am back using that buggy ass, bloated, crashes too damn much, piece of shit Firefox.

Oh I did try Maxthon before hand and was IMMEDIATELY put off my it’s chunky ass side bar. :ugh:

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