One Deranged Neko! is my personal little slice of the internet.  The name was chosen a) because of my screen name and b) it fits too well.

As for me?  At the moment I’m a HVAC controls programmer who has been dabbling in HTML, CSS, etc since the late 90’s.  I’m also a relatively big fan of anime, but mostly comedy stuff from the 80’s and 90’s like Slayers and Dominion.  The reasoning behind my screen name and the One Deranged Neko name is I have an affinity to nekomimi in anime and I grew up always having numerous cats in the family.  Yeah I’m the 30-something crazy old cat guy who just can’t let go of his animus.  Basically “Deranged”…get it?

One of these dang days I hope to actually make messing about on web-coding actually something I can do for fun and profit.  I mean why the hell not?

I’ll probably add more info here and/or make this more professional sounding later…or not.  Who knows.

~Paul D.