Angry Neko?

There a site that parses the text on your blog to make an estimate of who you are and the style you write in. It’s called URL AI.

Well it got right off that I’m a guy between 26 & 35 (I’m 33), but it said that my writing style is angry and personal. I had to laugh because I can see where it gets that idea. Hell, I have a lot of posts bitching about Firefox on here.

Well I come with great news to offset that today. I’m closing on a house and will be moving in the coming weeks. It a pretty big deal for me because I’ve always lived with my folks. I finally felt I’m in a good position to go it on my own.

I’m also going to make this an opportunity to try and get my life back on track. That means internet & computering will be a lot lower of a priority. Also I want to my health back on track, which should help a good deal with a lot of the creativity problems I’ve had the past years. I plan to manage my time, for once actually.

So if it seems I’m not around as much or as long, this will be the reason.

Until next time, stay happy!
That way a web site can’t tell you you’re angry most of the time. 😉

Fonts I’ve been Working On For WAY Too Long

ODN Bacterion Alpha

ODN Bacterion Alpha

One of the first fonts I started working on. It was inspired by the bitmap font used in Gradius III.


ODN Bacterion Beta

ODN Bacterion Beta

Similar to Bacterion Alpha ODN, this is also a Gradius font. This one comes from the PlayStation 2 version Gradius IV, which used a smooth version of the bitmap from Gradius III in the menu screen. Note: The original arcade version used a bitmap similar to the first 2 Gradius games.


ODN Bacterion Gamma

ODN Bacterion Gamma

This came as an idea while going Bacterion Beta ODN. It’s not based on any of the Gradius games, but the lettering is heavily inspired by them.


ODN Bacterion Delta

(No preview image yet, I haven’t completed enough of the lettering)

Bacterion Delta ODN has similar roots to Beta. This one is based on the bitmap lettering from the first two Gradius games but smoothed out.


ODN Bacterion Epsilon

(No preview image yet, I haven’t even STARTED this one)

I haven’t decided what this one will end up being based on. I’m leaning toward doing a bitmap version of the Bacterion Delta ODN font. The other idea is to do something with the lettering in Gradius IV, which is a cross between the first 2 games with some stylization from Gradius III.


ODN Nintendoized Advance

ODN Nintendoized Advance

A lot of the GameBoy Advance remakes of NES games used a squashed version of the lettering from their original games. I’m guessing it was due to the different resolution of the GBA screen. This font in particular got its start after playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on the GBA.


ODN Nintendoized Classic

ODN Nintendoized Classic

It’s the font used on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the packaging of it’s peripherals. Not much else to say other than, “Now You’re Playing With Power!”


ODN Paisano

ODN Paisano

Mostly based on the logo of ‘New Super Mario Bros. Wii’ (specifically the Mario Bros. part…the Super is a different style), which its self is based on the title screen font from the original Super Mario Bros. I do plan to do a separate version called Paisano Alt ODN to cover the different lettering the ‘Super’ part of the logos use.


ODN Super Nintendoized

ODN Super Nintendoized

I’ve already shown this one off, but a little information on it. Ever take a REALLY good look at the Super Nintendo logo? You might notice none of the lettering is consistently drawn. Different angles, different inside radii, different outside radii, it’s really a mess design wise. To get the best quality I could, I used the lettering on various SNES product boxes. It got me most of the letters I needed and a decent angle for them overall. It also appears that someone at Nintendo noticed as well and updated the logo to be more consistent.

One of These Days…

I will actually finish a freaking font! I have actually 13 that I am actively working on, but none of them are to a point of being “done”.

Paisano was previewed a while back, but I haven’t really shown much more than that. So I’m going to be adding pages for the fonts on here soon including the new one, Super Nintendoized ODN, which was recently improved thanks to a kick in the pants by Badger for his new project.

ODN Super Nintendoized

Time For More Firefox Bitching

I’ve narrowed down all the memory and crash problems I’ve been having to one single thing; plugin-container.exe.

I changed the config to make Firefox NOT use it and so far I’ve seen a great improvement in performance & stability.

There is one major downside to doing this… If for any reason Flash decides to crap out, it will take ALL of Firefox with it. I have not had this happen yet.

So More Firefox Postings…

Okay it’s time for me to talk about Firefox again, but this time with less bitching.

I’m using version 6 now and I do have to say it’s been a lot more stable and quicker than Firefox 4 & 5. However, this does NOT mean I don’t have something to bitch about.

It seems there still is a problem in the way Adobe Flash and Firefox work together. After a little while of having Flash stuff open Firefox will stop responding until the plugin-container process is manually killed. I’m not sure if this is something with Firefox or with Flash, I suspect it’s a combination of the two, but it’s really freaking annoying.

It’s Like Firefox But…

Alright Firefox, you win. You bloated fat sack of shit, I give in and am crawling back to you.

Here’s why. Mainly PLUGINS. Chrome’s plugins suffer severely from the “It’s like the Firefox plugin but…” syndrome. Most of them seemed to be severely impaired versions of their Firefox counterparts. For example AdBlock Plus. In Firefox ABP allows you to search for specific elements in the site’s HTML to block. In Chrome, you click boxes and HOPE one is the one that has the offending code.

Really about the only thing I tried that didn’t suffer from this was TweetDeck for Chrome, and that’s only because there IS NO TweetDeck for Firefox.

So here I am back using that buggy ass, bloated, crashes too damn much, piece of shit Firefox.

Oh I did try Maxthon before hand and was IMMEDIATELY put off my it’s chunky ass side bar. :ugh:

Goodbye Firefox

At one time before Firefox was out, I was staunchly opposed to switching from my beloved IE6 to the Mozilla browser. It wasn’t until Firefox 2 (and some nudging by SkullDaisyGimp) came out that I decided to make the switch, and at the time I was happy with Firefox and its plugins.

Then Firefox 3 came out and for a while it was even better than Firefox 2, right up until they released version 3.5. From here things just started to go downhill. My experience was frequent memory overload and frequent crashes, this even when not running any plugins. It was supposed to be fixed when version 3.6 came out. But things just got slower and more unstable.

Then big promise everything will be alright when the released Firefox 4. And it did seem like things had gotten better for a little while. It was still a memory hog, and by this point Internet Explorer was better at handling memory with versions 7 and 8.

You might note I haven’t mentioned Chrome or Safari by this point. That’s because I really never considered them to be an option…especially Safari. More on that later.

By now IE9 had come out, seeming to wipe out the mistakes made in the past by Microsoft. But I held fast to using Firefox, mostly because IE’s plugins are just crap. I was now experiencing cache corruption and memory overload regularly with Firefox, which would frequently cause my browser to crash trying to view any site. Which in turn required clearing out the cache regularly because Firefox simply refuses to do it itself.

Again a new version was coming out, Firefox 5, only 3 months after version 4 came out. And again, we were promised that everything that was wrong with version 4 would be better. And again, it got worse. I found version 5 slower than version 4 and it seemed to crash way more often than it did previously. After one night having too damn near reinstall the entire thing, I had had enough.

During this time I was hearing a lot of good things about Google Chrome, now that their EULA debacle had been straightened out. So I’m giving it a go, and so far I quite like it. I think I just might stick with it for a while.

You might ask why did not consider Safari for Opera?

Safari, for me, seems to be more geared towards being a Mac browser and was really unfriendly towards Windows users. Plus none the tools I used on Firefox seem to be available for Safari. Overall Safari was just an unpleasant experience. It felt like using IE6 all over again.

Now as for Opera, I don’t know why but it just seems to be silly. One of the top plugins for it was a Spirograph clone when I tried using it. It just never felt comfortable when using it, and at the time it didn’t seem like any of the plugins I needed were available for it either.

Now don’t bombard me with a bunch of comments saying X is better than Y, or that I’m just too stupid to use Firefox. I shouldn’t have to be a certified systems engineer or a programmer to make a browser work right. Firefox simply feels less like the “community” browser from its early days and more like the “corporation’s” browser. You might chide Microsoft for IE6, but they have immensely improved since then. Mozilla seems to be doing the opposite.

I’m not TOTALLY done with Firefox just yet. I’ll keep checking in on it… after all they do have version 6, 7, and 8 getting ready to come out. No, I am not joking about that either. Maybe one of them can win me back, but for now I’m sticking with Chrome.
Note: This has been edited from its original version. I had dictated it to my smart phone while at lunch, so things didn’t quite come out as I thought. I also expanded on a few things here and there but all of my original intended statement is still there.

I’m Back!

Finally after breaking my kneecap, multiple remodeling delays, family emergencies, numerous internet problems, and other general crap… I am finally getting set back up behind the double HD monitors.

There still some minor touchup work to do in the remodel, but everything is pretty much is being put in it’s final place (until I get bored and decide to rearrange). There’s also a possibility of dropping AT&T as our internet hook-up and going back to cable due to the fiasco we had (which we’re STILL not getting the speed we’re paying for).

I’m not quite sure when I’ll jump back into updating stuff, probably after the finishing touches of the remodel are done. But I’m now officially BACK.

Cross posted from Infinite Unreality.

Okay, Status Report

I haven’t really updated this in a long time, partly because of lack of content but mostly due to problems at home.

If you follow the Infinite Unreality Forums you would know that in June I shattered my kneecap and was out of commission for months. While I’m back on my feet and getting around almost like normal. Now for the complication. My bathroom floor was about to fall in so it’s being renovated, my room was also being redone as a get well soon present. ALL OF THAT IS STILL ONGOING…so I’m in limited capacity computer and internet-wise.

I worked a bit on improving some of the fonts I’ve been working on but as usual, I get so far and end up getting distracted. Smile with tongue out

Also there’s the issue of Minecraft…god that’s addicting as hell.

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