Paisano! ODN Preview Update

Paisano! ODN Preview 10-09-09
Paisano! ODN Preview 10-09-09

I’ve done a lot more work on Paisano! ODN and the results are quite pleasing. I do admin that the OpenType PS (shown) version is looking a hell of a lot better than the basic TrueType version. It still has a long way to go though, as you can see there are NO numbers yet, very little punctuation, and not all of the basic letters are done.

Back to my old tricks

paisano-odn-first-lookSo here I am, back to making fonts for some crazy reason.  Yeah it’s kind of a thing that I never actually finish anything but I sure have fun making it.

I’m hoping this time with the power of TypeTool & Font-Creator I will actually get a result I feel is ready for primetime.

No Paisano ODN is not available for download at this time as it is very unfinished and still need polish after that.  This is just a quick not saying I haven’t completely lost it, yet.

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