Category: Personal

  • 2014 In Retrospect

    Nyo, all you wonderful people out there casually stop by this dusty old site. I want to ramble about myself today. For me 2014 was a weird year. I had a lot of health problems, which thankfully turned out not to be major. Though it did affect my state of mind and my work. What […]

  • Update ‘n Stuff

    Oops, I Fonted… So another year has gone by and I still haven’t gotten any of my fonts comfortably done. I though I had messed up and used the wrong size template to make them. So I started to edit them with a “corrected” template. Problem is that was the WRONG thing to do. The […]

  • Angry Neko?

    There a site that parses the text on your blog to make an estimate of who you are and the style you write in. It’s called URL AI. Well it got right off that I’m a guy between 26 & 35 (I’m 33), but it said that my writing style is angry and personal. I […]