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  • 2017-08-13 – ODN Falchion Beta Progress

    Been out of the mood to work on fonts for a while but recently I got the hankerin to work on them again. I’ve completed the revamp of the alphanumerics but have been bouncing around different projects as to keep from getting burned out yet again. 😛

  • Font Weight

    So I’ve been testing out making different weights of the NES-Styled font I’ve been working on. It hasn’t turned out too bad, but was a major pain to accomplish because I was a huge derp and though “yeah just use the stroke tool”.  That DOESN’T work on this font, at all. See? Blech, yech, ew. […]

  • ODN Only One Immortal

    I’ve been redrawing one of the very first fonts I ever tried to make back in 2000. This was back when Highlander: The Series was still a thing. I didn’t touch this for a VERY long time, to the point I can’t even open the CorelDraw files they’re so old. I took a break from […]

  • Musings on Font Stuff

    Rotate or Skew? Skew or Rotate? I found myself pondering this when redrawing characters using Illustrator. I started all this back around 2000 using CorelDraw 5, some characters with angles just never looked right. They were always too thick with rotation or too thin with skewing. Well I finally hit upon the solution, split the difference between rotated […]

  • Fonts I’ve been Working On For WAY Too Long

    ODN Bacterion Alpha One of the first fonts I started working on. It was inspired by the bitmap font used in Gradius III.   ODN Bacterion Beta Similar to Bacterion Alpha ODN, this is also a Gradius font. This one comes from the PlayStation 2 version Gradius IV, which used a smooth version of the […]

  • One of These Days…

    I will actually finish a freaking font! I have actually 13 that I am actively working on, but none of them are to a point of being “done”. Paisano was previewed a while back, but I haven’t really shown much more than that. So I’m going to be adding pages for the fonts on here […]