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  • Stupid Spam 6

    Well THIS is a first. What I have here a Nigerian Prince Scam, but this one is kind of unique. Instead of “give money to get more money” this one claims I have been scammed and I need contact them to get my money. Addresses and emails have been removed. The thing is the email […]

  • Stupid Spam V

    I have 2 spam emails to share that tickled me. The first is a typical Nigerian Prince Scam one, but this one is pretty unique. It purports to be from the Department of Homeland security. I’m Mr Jeh Johnson, the secretary of U.S department of homeland security, this is to inform you that your abandoned […]

  • Stupid Spam

    So this weekend I got a spam marked as Atmos Energy, a natural gas company, saying my bill was overdue. Naturally all of the links were fakes, leading to a Russian site. Another link going to a URL starting with swinstart…really? As in SWINDLE START? Jeez, you guys are ballsy. There are 3 kickers here. […]